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Enema Articles

Spittin' Sisters Show True Colours

Judging by the opinion polls this week, the Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, probably will not get to be the US vice-president. But in her brief starring role on the global stage she has been a powerful psychic enema, flushing out the poison at the heart of establishment feminism for more

With Friends Like These ...

TO paraphrase the late great English comedian Peter Cook, sometimes the ABC can be its own worst enema.

Let Some Pukka Tukka And Dead-mouse Pie Satisfy That Appetite For Bloodthirsty Bordello Fare

Aerobics Oz Style Ten, 6.30am : Just how these guys look perky at the crack of is anyone's guess. Some of us need an alarm, two snoozes and a macchiato enema to muster enough energy just to get out of bed. But if your medical file doesn't have `` more

Solution 192: Terminate

aim amen amir arm emerita emir emirate emit emitter enema ermine inmate item main man mane mar marine mart marten martin martinet mare mat mate mater matinee matt matter mean meant meaner meat meatier meet mere merit met mete meter metre mina minaret mine miner mint mire mitre mitt more

Programmed Responses

Unable to action your deliverables for fear of rightsizing? Perhaps you're in need of a mental enema - although you may not think so. The international language of "bizspeak" has firmly taken hold in Australia, according to the chairman of Morgan & Banks, Geoff Morgan. A recent